Agricultural Accountancy


The agricultural specialism within Evolve runs deep with two of the three founder’s farmer’s sons. Paul grew up on an arable farm in Cambridgeshire where he now rents his own 250ac farm. Stuart grew up on mixed dairy and arable farm in North Essex. Since 2001 the dairy and pig rearing operations have ceased and the farm has successfully tendered for over 2,000 acres of arable contract farming agreements, as well as converting former livestock buildings to Equestrian use housing over 50 horses.

Agriculture has its own particular set of accounting problems including dealing with subsidies and quotas correctly, farmers’ averaging for tax and the implications of business diversification. Couple to this the volatility of an industry that has seen most sectors go through a tough period recently to be followed, in the case of combinable crops, by massive price increases and the need for a specialist agricultural accountant becomes clear. Many crop values, input prices and capital have all shifted significantly in the past eighteen months and planning and decision making remain just as important – can you afford to be advised by someone that does not understand your business or the industry it operates in?

We have a wide of services for the farming sector, from business accounts and tax preparation to setting up joint venture businesses and managing contract farming agreements. We also welcome the opportunity to advise on capital and inheritance tax issues, and would urge farmers to contact us in the early stages of diversification projects.

Looking at the administrative function we can with simplifying book keeping operations and look to help provide budgeting and cashflow preparation services.

Fundamentally at Evolve we believe that businesses need their financial information prepared as swiftly as possible after the year end to provide relevant accounts that can then be used for decision making. For many businesses we suggest being involved on a regular basis to assist with preparing management accounts and giving up to date financial information during the year.

Ultimately with Evolve we want clients to feel well advised in a friendly practice. Let your business grow and prosper with Evolve.