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How to use the Client Portal

How to review your tasks

You will receive an email with your tasks. Click on ‘manage checklist’ to access the tasks you need to complete.


You will automatically see all the tasks assigned to you for completion.









Please note: if you open this link on one device, and you’d like to access it on a different device, click the link again and it will ask you to “Send Access Link”. This will send another link to the originally sent email that will allow you to access it from the computer.


Comment, ask questions and upload files


You’ll be able to comment, ask questions and upload files on each of the tasks, which we are immediately notified of at Evolve and can take action.



























Click Comment to comment or ask questions on a task or click upload files to attach files to a task. To add files to a comment click on the paperclip icon on a comment while composing.

Karbon Platform Security

All information stored within the Karbon platform, including Client Request data, is encrypted in transit and at-rest using enterprise-grade highly scalable cloud servers and databases.


The information we hold about you is highly sensitive and we take security very seriously. This means investing in secure platforms such as Karbon, so we can communicate and send/receive sensitive information with the highest levels of encryption.


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