Renew a Xero Bank Feed


Bank connections need renewing every 90 days due to the new EU standards that were enforced on the 14th March 2020. This new banking practice is referred to in the UK as ‘Open Banking’ and it changes the way third parties access bank data.

Xero uses a platform called ‘OpenWrks’ and ‘Tink’ to connect your bank account to Xero on a live feed. We are unable to login to your online banking account on your behalf as you need to enter sensitive information which we do not hold.

How to renew your bank connection

To renew your bank connection you need to login to Xero. Once you are logged in, you may see a ‘Renew bank connection’ button on the dashboard, as below.

Bank feed renewal.png

Alternatively, go to the accounting tab along the top bar > bank accounts > click the ‘renew bank feed’ button for the account that needs to be renewed.

You will need the following information to hand:

Account details

  • Your account name, number, and sort code

  • Your account balance

  • Your card number

Account transactions

  • Details of your transactions


If you need to renew more than one account you will need to repeat this process for each account.

If you require assistance logging into Xero or renewing your feed please contact us on the details below.